zeep kei
branding / graphic

This promotion is a give away and a do it yourself (DIY) package, to attract Dutch tourists to ‘De Nieuwe Stad’ (the new city) in Amersfoort. The visitor can buy a bigger ‘Zeep Kei’ (soap boulder) with the cover of the giveaway and that is DIY herbal culture soap package. 


The original industrial area, containing the old soap factory ‘Rohm & Haes’, is a micro city with space to be, work and live. Where culture and creativity provide energy and inspiration. 


The starting point of the promotion are the history and innovative durability. These characteristics are similar with De Nieuwe Stad. The historic nickname of Amersfoort is 'Keistad' and the soap factory is the eyecatcher in the industrial area. 

You can experience innovation and sustainability everywhere in De Nieuwe Stad. The ‘Zeep Kei’ and packaging are biodegradable and the seeds are a symbol for growth and flowering. 


This DIY package is pure innovative durability.

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