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branding / graphic

I focus on my target audience with my campaign for the collection line Waste<Less. The collection line Waste<Less include different jeans and jackets that are made of 20% post-consumer waste (especially recycled plastic bottles).
The starting points for the campaign of this concept are sustainability and the future. These are two characteristics in which the target group and the identity of the brand match.
With this campaign, I want to create awareness of the sustainable production of the total collection of Levi's. A second goal of my campaign is to increase awareness of the audience by showing that they can have a positive influence on environmental problems. And a third goal is to encourage the target audience to get to know the collection Waste<Less.
These goals are connected in to the results of the field research.
The sustainable production of Levi's is relatively unknown while Levi's though that it was. So the current awareness about the sustainable production doesn’t connect with the thoughts Levi's has in mind.
Vision: “At Levi’s, our goal is to become the world’s most sustainable apparel company by transforming the way we do business.” 
The campaign is in line with the identity of the brand. I make a connection between the transparent communication of Levi's about the production, the conscious lifestyle and the profile of the target group. For example by the transparency of the PET bottles and the transparency of plastic that can be reused. And also plastic as a problem, as recycle material and as raw material for Waste < Less.
The statement is; ‘’the excessive plastic use by people" with attention to the positive impact and that we can contribute. 
Excessive plastic use by people is a part of a big problem; due to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is a global problem. Awareness among everyone ensures that companies are looking for production that are less harmful to the environment. Companies take a responsibility for our future and consumers appreciate that. A result of consciousness is reusing, which contribute to protecting the planet. Consumers want to contribute to a better environment by themselves.


I make my audience excited, encourage them to make consciously choices and inspire them with my campaign video. The main goal of the video is to show that the audience follow their hearts, take control over their own lives and are the purest version of themselves.
Waste<Less suits their environmental awareness, respect for nature and their lifestyle. This is the main message of my campaign video. In the video I use quotes from my campaign, Levi's jeans in combination with plastic and contrasts between moving color film and black-and-white film. I’d choose for an English campaign video because Levi's is an international brand. The hashtag '#levis4theworld' is also a part of the video.
By focusing on consciousness and encourage the consumer, it will create enthusiasm and they will invest in products of the collection line Waste<Less from Levi's. Also for contributing to a better environment.
My campaign video images a world in which we are doing something right by contributing to the environment by reusing materials and invest in sustainability. 


The show band is an important item for the brand in the store. The leather adds to a stylish, trendy and natural look. The show bands are used for the jeans that are displayed on tables.
It should immediately be noticed that the show band of the Waste<Less collection line is different compared to the show band of the other collection lines.
The show band does have the same look as my overall concept so it’s recognizable; Levi's jeans in combination with plastic. The show band for the collection Waste<Less is instantly recognisable by the plastic band. In the show band is an information tag of paper and plastic with the rectangle in red lines on it. 
This tag includes information about the product, the collection line and general product information.
I used wood as background to attach the bands of leather and plastic on it. Wood because it is also a natural product.
The show band from the other collection lines which I also developed, are only made of leather to show the differences between the normal and the Waste<Less collection line.


A minimalistic but stylish tag for the Waste<Less jeans. You can find general product information about the collection on the Waste<Less label.
I also used plastic and the red rectangular shapes on the label, which is in-line with my concept. By attaching the label with an iron clamp to the jeans, it gives the collection line a cool twist which is trendy and stylish.


The consumers get to know the collection line of Waste < Less by the cover of my magazine. This because of the use of the red rectangular shape, plastic and jeans as material.
The implementation is a combination of Levi's jeans with plastic. The plastic that I use in my campaign is, of course, from recycled plastic.
The magazine is a look book which catches the attention of the reader immediately. Characteristic is the use of quiet but catchy pictures, a relatively large white space and the broken rectangle of red lines.
In the magazine I use quotes from Levi's, Levi's jeans in combination with plastic, contrasts between color and black and white photos and the setting is nature. For the typography is a quiet but lively font chosen, again to suit the target audience and the brand.
You can read different information about the collection line in the magazine. It gives you information about the start of the collection line and the production.
The hashtag '#levis4theworld' is also included in the magazine so my audience can show here purchased items on social media.

tote bag

A visitor will receive a 'Levi's 4 the world' tote bag. I’d choose for a giveaway, so we can reach a lot people to get to know the brand. 
In the tote bag is a badge of the campaign logo and a post card with information about the Waste<Less products. The tote bag has multiple functions. First of all, it's a great replacement for the plastic carrier bags. The bag is a promoter by itself. At a festival, it’s a practical and safe bag with good looks. The tote bag is an item that every Levi's customer wants to add to his/her outfit. Furthermore, the bag is a nice way to give the postcard and the badges away.

social media

The target group is well connected by online advertisements.

I’ve made a campaign video which I published on social media. The campaign video specifically shows the relationship between the collection line Waste<Less and good feelings. The hashtag 'levis4theworld' is designed for the collection line Waste<Less. A English hashtag is chosen for international recognition. It refers to the contribution to the environment, the future, preserving the Earth and that Levi's is contribution for everyone around the world. By the hashtag, consumers are encouraged to get to know the sustainable products from Levi's. Visitors can gain inspiration by visiting the #. Happy and satisfied customers or festival visitors can show their most fun snaps with this hashtag. #levis4theworld @levis4theworld on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

post cards

The postcards are stylish and trendy by the black and white photos of the Levi's jeans campaign, combined with plastic and the red lines of the campaign on the front.
The postcards are a giveaway at the shops. They are beautiful and can be sent, collected or given away. On the back is some separate space for a text or message and the addressing. I designed four different postcards with information about the collection line Waste<Less. I also placed, besides the information, the logos of Levi's and 'Levis 4 the world' on the cards.
By spreading through mail or from hand to hand distribution we create more publicity and brand awareness national and international.

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