War Child holland
2016 - 2o17
intern graphic design

"No child should be part of war. Ever."

War Child is committed to a better life of hundreds of thousands of war children. They help the children to process their profound experiences, make contact with other people and build self-confidence so as to have a better future.
I have experienced that my personality fits well with War Child. I travelled through countries where children often have much less in terms of luxury, education, hygiene, care, nutrition, housing and future opportunities. That makes you realize what you have. War makes everything much more unbearable for children.

Along with Kaj Bos I worked as a graphic designer at War Child Amsterdam. As Graphic designers, we are responsible for all graphic expressions of the organization in The Netherlands. This includes activities like the preparation of grant applications, the newsletter, gifts mailings, manuals for volunteers and visuals for social media.


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