Senses festival
Branding / animation
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

The days of brands simply advertising something on a mundane billboard or poster has ended. In modern society, brands have to do much more to engage an audience that ‘have seen everything before.’

A festival attracting potential customers for participating brands by using their senses in a creative and fun way.

Each brand will get the chance to choose one of the senses which will be spread as categories over the festival terrain.

We hear, see, taste, feel and smell.

We created this animation in Adobe CC After Effects.

worked together with Eva Bos, Nina Bisscheroux, Li Li and Ao Xiang.


We expect each brand to show these new products or services by setting up an installation which will involve the sense. This installation must be able to be used by the visitors of the festival. These installations will be spread across the festival grounds and divided by the categories.


For upcoming and experienced brands this is a chance to involve customers in a creative way and to gain a relationship with their target audience.

brand identity

A colorful theme where geometric shapes will be used for the designs. The festival will have bright and bold colors all around to stand out.


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