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Soplantable is the first fully biodegradable pizza box in Milan, supporting the Italian tradition of sharing food with each other by it’s unique design. The material can be used afterwards to plant traditional Italian herbs to support the Made in Italy trademark. Another part of the campaign is The Pizza (Community) Garden.

For example a paper bag where if put in the ground herbs they use in the Italian kitchen, like basil, will grow out of it.

For those people that don’t have the space to compost the seeds themselves we’re introducing the ‘Pizza Garden’. The ‘Pizza Garden’ is a community garden that’s run by volunteers. 

I worked together with Eva Bos, Nina Bisscheroux, Leonie Wiertz and Shikha Doshi. 

Pizza box

We developed a special pizza box. The packaging is made out of seed paper, which contains Italian seeds. The seeds will grow into plants of various herbs. These herbs can be used in pizzerias or at home.

STRATEGY & newsletter

It is important for SoPlantable to have a strategy on how we will convince companies to go for our packaging and not others that are offered. It needs a well-thought plan and way to attract these companies. They will have to be educated about sustainability and biodegradable matters to understand the value of them and what they do for the world.


Through Liner Italia we will provide each client the company has with a newsletter. This newsletter will be a step towards convincing the companies to choose our packaging.

It will tell the company why they should start with biodegradable and sustainable packaging for their company.

The newsletter will contain a quick and small instruction on how the concept works so it will be easily understandable. Next to that it will explain what the idea is behind the packaging and what kind of events there will be held around the project. The importance of this newsletter is that it not only contains advertisement for our product but also shows our main goal. 


These events will be especially interesting for the clients. It will be held in the local gardens which are set up by SoPlantable. These events will be informational not only for the locals themselves but also for the companies interested in sustainability and biodegradable matters. A plus for these companies is that we will provide a food-stall where they can sell their own products to (new) customers. For these stalls the companies do not have to pay but have to use our packaging. This way companies can get new customers or get more known around town.


The project website of SoPlantable will offer an opportunity for a company to show their name and logo as a sponsor. This way of advertisement is free for the company if they use our packaging. Our Instagram will also show various posts about these companies and why they are a good addition to a new and more sustainable world.

Social media & website

We majorly use the seeded papers which has Italian herbs that can be later used by the pizzeria’s or locals. 

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