expectations, disappointments, language

The Bijlmer Bajes in Amsterdam is the inspiration for this project. The Bijlmer Bajes was a prison complex, which was permanently closed in June 2016 in Amsterdam. The old prison is a central point at the 'bajes kwartier' (prisonquatre). 

A refugee showed us the old prison. He had to leave his country of origin a couple years ago, because of the war there. But everything in The Netherlands was one big disappointment, because of the expectations he had. These expectations were created by all the travel books, the news and the stories of others.

Examples are; tulip fields, the canals of Amsterdam and a big soccer field. 

Having contact with Dutch people is complicated. The language barrier is mainly the problem.

Disappointments, expectations and languages are the three key points of this project. 


The images above shows the expectation and disappointments of the refugee. I placed the expectation outside of the framework and the reality (and disappointing) image within the framework. 


I used the words 'expectations' and 'disappointing' and translated these words into five languages of country's where war is now. I placed parts of these words inside or outside the framework. A small part of the words, because we also do only know a small part of the stories of refugees.

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