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I created a concept for an e-commerce company that sells 'Cradle to Cradle' products. The concept of Cradle to Cradle means that you completely recycle everything: from cradle to cradle. It means that the raw materials you use can be reused, without losing their value. My concept is in line with the target group that I have in mind. They are around the 30 years old, live healthy and are busy with the future (also because of their children). The starting point is that my product line fits the concept and correspond in terms of atmosphere. I want to communicate a natural, basic and well-balanced look to the consumer. That's the reason why I have chosen natural materials and colors. The main materials I used are green, brown and cream tones. Where green associates with trees, grass, forest. Brown associates with sand, forest and trees. And the creme shades associates with sand, dunes, beach. The materials I've used are natural; wood, rope, stone, glass, sand and unbleached cotton.

Cradle to Cradle is the starting point. The base materials of my own items are unbleached cotton, glass, spinach and rope. The T-shirt I have made is from a fitted sheet. I used natural materials and colors while I created my own items. Because I want to be in line with my concept I opted for a tough, conscious, basic and quiet appearance. I've also chosen these items to start my own product line for the webshop and atmosphere for my shop window. The choice has fallen on a clothing article, an accessory and a consumption item. These are the basis for my concept. The T-shirt communicate a basic, free time and freedom look. The tote bag is tough, neutral, basic and combines well. Wine is a product that suits my target group and associates with enjoy, leisure and socialising. 

There are Cradle to Cradle details in the shop. My own items are the main line in my shop window. A Cradle to Cradle detail is, for example, the sand in the wine bottles. Sand is the raw material (70%) of the production of glass. I also placed the stamps from the bottles of wine on the label of Green 2 Morrow. The paint on my house style is spinach and I have stamped this with the bottom of a wine bottle. Cradle to Cradle was the starting point to determine the atmosphere of my shop window. ​

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