centraal museum utrecht
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The new target group are ladies and gentlemen's between the 16 and 40 years old. They have a creative mind and are in the best time of their live. They want to enjoy life and are focust on experience and inspiration. I try to motivate my audience, to make conscious choices and to inspire them with my stop motion movie. My idea is to present different quotes, words and texts with many different materials. The line in my story is to move my target audience to break free from their ordinary daily activities and to experience the depth and inspiration in the Centraal Museum as an extra.


The main material in my stop motion movie is paper. I wrote, cut out and placed some different quotes on these papers. In addition to paper I also used materials as shoes, glasses, sand, shells, a world map, dust and bags. The shape I used a in my stop motion is a button, this typifies the house style of the Centraal Museum. It stands for the central location in the middle of the Netherlands and for the meaning of cultural center in the city of Utrecht. Because of the international audience the texts in my stop motion movie and on my flyer are English.


My flyer is based on the end result of my stop motion film. My flyer and stop motion movie are connected because of the same colors, fonts, appearance and quotes.

The making off

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