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I created a logo, poster, magazine and some package designs for Smith & Jones.
The starting point to develop the concept were the characteristics of the target group. The customer (target group) of Smith & Jones are confident young men and women who are successful in what they do. They are independent and have deliberately chosen for their lifestyle. They are serious and passionate in their work, choose their own path and have their own values; social, cultural and political motivated and full support. The audience is internationally oriented, lives in an urban neighborhood and visits regularly stylish events. The conscious lifestyle and how they distinguishes themselves from the rest of the society is reflected in minimalism and sustainability. They are the purest version themselves. 

I connect and reach my target audience through my logo, magazine, package design and poster. My principles are minimalism and sustainability. Minimalism is a movement in the Visual Arts that are manifested first in the United States. In the 1960s minimalism was introduced in Europe. Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.

Everywhere around me I see sustainable initiatives, initiatives for improving the world. This is what I want to achieve as a junior designer and the roots of my project for Smith & Jones. But how? Designers charge the environment generally. I wanted something new, long lasting and beautiful. After an intensive process of research and thinking, I realized bio-plastic. Every piece of bio plastic is different so this makes every product unique. But I wanted even more durability. So I eventually though about kraft-paper. 
The link with the target audience of Smith & Jones is the most important criterion in the process. The basis for the designs and expressions for Smith & Jones is: 'The base is pure.'


Smith & Jones uses three core values: extraordinary, inspiring and quality. You can find these three core values in the logo as a triangle. Smith & Jones opens the first department store in Utrecht. This first establishment is a pilot store. The lines in the triangle stand for the routing that the audience is likely to make during a visit to Utrecht. The map of Utrecht I used to visualize. Some of the lines I have made bold, this is the road from the central station to Smith & Jones. In addition, these lines created depth in the logo. I have selected the color black because this is the most common color at minimalism, as emerged from my research. Furthermore, I have chosen for a basic typography. The logo looks minimalist.


I have given my magazine a minimalist look by the use of a lot of bright, quiet images and relatively much white space. In the background I placed parts of the design from the logo in the colors blue and pink. These colors represent the target audience: men and women. For the typography is a quiet but lively font chosen again to suit the target audience. To emphasize that the magazine is a unique product, I made a cover of bio plastic around it. The intention is that the costumer ruptured the top of the cover so that they can read the magazine. There is a description of '100% sustainable product' on the cover. I have chosen to familiarise the audience with the concept of Smith & Jones. And to get them acquainted with minimalism, durability and exclusivity

package design

I wanted to create some multiple packages for the command 'package design'. I have chosen some different types of products as a look in the line of the product line. The materials I also used with these final products are: yarn, kraft paper, blank paper and bio plastic. The packages are transparent, have the same minimalism- and exclusive look and are made of durable materials.


Smith & Jones opens on the 27th of June, 2016. To attract visitors, I have designed a poster on one A3 format. I made it attractive by the use of the recurring triangle of my logo, the design, kraft paper, bio plastic and the matching typography. Unique to the poster is the bio plastic I used. It was important that the opening date look like it jumped out. So I printed the date on kraft paper and together with the bio plastic there is an 3D effect that takes most attention. Exactly as I envisioned everything comes together on my poster. 

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