biomorphism for H&M
branding / Spatial

We created a new concept for a new product line for H&M. The designer we are focussing on is Marc Newson. Biomorphism is a design flow and style where they use vegetable shapes who are focused on the nature. They are usually asymmetric and oblong shapes. 

To create a brand new concept focused us on the subject 'biomorphism'. Biomorphism is based on nature. We have studied the natural origin of these. Hereby, we came out on molecules. An organism consists of thousands of different substances. Any substance is made up of molecules, and molecules are made up of atoms of different elements. An atom has a core and around this core rotate electrons. They make continuous the same job. This works the same as with the universe. In the universe, the sun is standing still and all the planets rotate around it. The universe is macro. Molecules are micro so they are not visible to the eye. We make the molecules macro, this makes them visible to the eye.

I worked together with my fellow students: Jip Paquay and Karlijn Drexhage.


In our concept we work with molecules. This is what we clearly used in all our final products. We have been thinking about different kind of materials and considered many choices. In consideration with the client we designed an application for smartphone and tablet. We placed the molecules design back in the header. We copied some molecules in our shop window. They are from copper wire and painted golf balls. The figures are dressed with clothes from the H&M, which is also well fitted our concept.

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