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I created a concept and brand identity for a beach club. To develop a new concept the characteristics of the target group are the starting point. The target group of beach club 'the Reflection' are singles, have a relationship or are young families between the 20 and 35 years old. Some study on HBO or University, others are working in a reasonably paid job. They generally live in the big city and are interested in space, peace, nature and culture. They are environmentally aware and love life. They come for leisure and encounter to the Reflection.

I'll addressing my target audience with my logo, magazine, menu and table decoration. My starting point is 'reflection'. After an intensive process of research, I figured 'the mirror of the beauty of natural' out. I would like to remind customers of The Reflection that you can re-use your waste for other things. So I linked the topic 'recycling' to my concept. Objects that wash up on the beach I'm going to reuse in achieving the end products in my concept. Examples include rags (fabric), rope, shells, rubber (elastic) and wood.


The logo of The Reflection frequently comes back as an expression of my concept, so that creates recognition of the beach club. The Reflection has three core values: consciousness, relaxation and variety. There for are the three stripes in the logo. I've selected the color blue because it stands for cool, calm and water. These are the key elements for myself and the target group during a visit to the beach. As it emerged from my research. 


I gave my magazine a 'beach-look' by using many bright and quiet pictures, white space, natural tones and summer quotes. I've chosen a quiet but lively font in connection to the target group. 

table decoration

At The Reflection you can order a lot of summer dishes. These dishes are placed on a portrait A4 and attractive by using my logo and a matching typography. I've fasten my menu on a recycled wooden plank through two elastics. For my table decoration, I selected two place mats. I made this from unbleached cotton and the cutlery case of different jeans. In the case I put a napkin and cutlery. I would create an attractive entry. I have chosen a washed up glass jar and I covered this jar with shells and a piece of Ribbon with blue stripes and rope.

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