3 themes

We followed the director of the academy of art in s’Hertogenbosch for this project.

Prior to the first meeting we created some expectations. The meeting was a very open conversation in which he told a lot about himself. Besides that, we got the opportunity to follow him for a half day. So we walked along with him to a couple of meetings and another interview that day.


To show how the academy looks through the eyes of our director, we did make an object which shows three important things for him. 

He told us that he likes to create order in chaos. The outer ball is a display of that, it is chaos but also organized. The director is one of most important moving factors of the Academy between his house, the academy in S’Hertogenbosch & the academy in Breda, the triangle is a imagination for that. Security and that everyone can be themselves within the Academy is one of the most important things for him. The ring around the triangle shows that. 
The 3 features are: create order in chaos, the protective and the 3 locations. The image communicate also access, lines, transparency and his approachable. As our final work we have made a film which shows the chaos even more.


His cheekbones are strongly present, so this was an important thing for our portrait. Close up and black white so the cheekbones are more emphasis and this is the serious and business expectations of the director.